Dairy Kids

The Consumer Education Project is an initiative by Milk SA that was formed to communicate health messages regarding dairy to the public at large and to selected target groups that are opinion formers in South African society.

Welcome to the website

This site has been developed by the Consumer Education Project of Milk SA and is aimed at school-going children and teachers.

The communication campaign is shaped by the outcomes of comprehensive research regarding the views and behaviour of South African consumers in respect of dairy products.

Read about nutrition, get more information and download resources like the teacher’s guide to show you the importance of dairy as part of a healthy, balanced diet!

P.S. Get your teacher, mom or dad to download the cool educational stuff on how everyone can eat healthy and balanced, everyday!

What will you be able to find here?

  • Resources – interactive posters, teacher’s guides, fact sheet hand-outs
  • Guidelines for healthy eating – what to eat, when and how much
  • All about processing milk – from farm to the fridge

The above-mentioned information is based on the South African Food Based Dietary Guidelines (FBDG) and fits in with the curriculum for primary and secondary phases of education of the South African Department of Education.